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Advisor Service

  •  Designated “competent person” to meet legislation
  • A resource to be called upon, as and when required
  • A number of days for consultancy or training built in
  • Unlimited access to telephone advice and support for no extra charge
  • Out of hours emergency contact for continual support
  • Discounts on additional work needed outside of your original bespoked package
  • Priority response over non-contract clients
  • Insured Advice as additional protection for yourself.

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Appointed Safety Advisor Service (ASA)


Our Appointed Safety Advisor Service (ASA) gives you your own Safety Team, whenever and wherever you want it. This means that you have all the advantages of your own expert advisors, but without the on-going employment and accommodation costs. You have full control of the support level and services that you want, including when and where they are delivered.

We value the importance of developing a good relationship with you as this enables us to better understand your business and how best to meet your needs. So we seek to allocate a key consultant to you. One of the many advantages of our ASA service is that this also gives you seamless access to a large team of specialists in a wide range of disciplines, both within our own company and via our sister companies in the PHSC plc group. You have access to them all at no additional cost, simply subscribing to this service.

We have found that this service is used very effectively by smaller organisations who don’t have the need or resources for their own internal specialist, and by large organisations who do employ specialists in safety management but want access to our one-stop-shop of technical disciplines.

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About the Service

This service has been devised in response to the needs of our clients.

Put simply, it:

  • provides on-going support for those who do not employ a health and safety professional,
  • or is used as a back-up by those employers who already have existing in-house expertise.

Helping you meet the law

Legislation requires each employer to appoint one or more competent persons to assist in health and safety management. Our Appointed Safety Advisor Service helps you to meet this requirement, and to designate us as your “competent person”.

The Basic Package

  1. Each contract is for an initial period, usually two years, with a number of days for consultancy or training built in.
  2. An important benefit is access to unlimited telephone advice and support during the life of the contract for no extra charge.
  3. The cost of the basic package includes an agreed number days of our time each year, and can be expanded to cover as many days as you wish. The advantage of structuring the agreement in this way is that your invoices are payable by quarterly installments, assisting with your cashflow. This pricing arrangement means that the cost is spread over a whole year, even if the time allocation is used immediately.
  4. Discounts are automatically given for any additional work that may be required, and this is charged as it arises.
  5. Our clients who use this appointed safety advisor service are given priority response.

Joining the Service

If you would like to find out more about joining The Appointed Safety Advisor Service please contact us:

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