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Expert Witness Service

What is an Expert Witness?

When there is a dispute regarding the adequacy of health, safety and welfare at your workplace, this is the time to consider calling in an Expert Witness. We undertake on your behalf an analysis of whatever the dispute involves, and provide you with an impartial and independent review as to whether you are meeting your duty of care. By using a service such as this at an early stage in a dispute we can help to save you thousands in the longer term, and hours of management time in defending the case.

How we can help

UK Register of Expert WitnessesAssistance from an expert witness will provide you with a detailed account of your arrangements that are meeting current requirements and areas where they may be falling short or leaving you exposed to potential civil / criminal liability.

Where we come in may be as a result of you wanting that impartial review, or via a legal specialist who is looking for a Registered Expert Witness to provide an independent report to help the judge in their deliberations.

Our expert witnesses can provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Claims for damages following accidents or ill-health at work.
  • Carrying out site inspections and scrutinising witness statements.
  • Assessment of negligence.
  • Determining breaches of legislation.
  • Application of health and safety legislation in specific circumstances.


For details of the UK Register of Expert Witnesses see

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