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Occupational Health

Why do you need Occupational Health?

Your employees are your biggest asset, and it is to everyone’s benefit that their good health is maintained.

Health screening of new starters is an important part of your risk management system as the initial assessment will help you to identify :

  • If the new starter is fit for the role
  • If there is a pre-existing health condition or disability that could impact the job offer/ability of the new starter to work safely and effectively
  • If any reasonable adjustments are needed to meet Equality legislation
  • An initial benchmark of health to compare against future occupational health checks, eg noise exposure and hearing loss.

Working With You in Partnership

Use of our existing questionnaires will help you frame your own assessment method to screen in a way that enables you to identify health factors that could  be impacted by the work and working environment without being too intrusive into personal data. A sensible balance that is proportionate to risk.

We then review these and give concise and practical feedback on whether any further checks or action is needed, and if so, what these may be.

Such an approach will give you peace of mind through our clear reporting sign posting any further actions to consider.

Ongoing Health-Screening of  Staff

Screening may be required by specific regulations, but often there is no obligation to do so. However, screening can be offered as a staff benefit, and to help identify and monitor if your existing health and safety procedures are working to protect the health and wellbeing of your people. .

Another advantage of health screening is that signs of illness and disease may be detected at an early stage, possibly saving extended sickness absence later on.

PHSC is  here to help you with up-to-date advice and assessment for all types of health assessment and surveillance. Our ongoing health screening will help you to avoid risk of legal liabilities and protect the health of your workers so that absence rates reduce.

Case Management and Rehabilitation

If an employee’s absence record is very poor or your working conditions have potential to negatively impact upon a worker’s health, then you may need advice and practical support in ongoing assessment, case management and rehabilitation.

We offer a full suite of absence management services  including the following:

  • Work health assessments
  • Remote case management, led by an Occupational Health Specialist via  telephone
  • On-site case management, led by an Occupational Health Specialist
  • Long term health limitation, disability assessment,
  • Rehabilitation programme to enable the worker to return to meaningful and productive work that is suitable for both the company and the individual.

Stress Assessment, Auditing and Management

Interest in occupational stress is increasing, but is often difficult to identify,Stressed Employee quantify or manage. Our Occupational Stress services help you develop a robust system for proactive assessment, management and monitoring. These services can be bought in isolation or as part of a more structured package – whatever your needs we will listen and bespoke a solution that works for you. This may include:

  • Initial corporate assessment, using the HSE’s Management Standards on Occupational Stress
  • Assessment of specific job roles / departments
  • Assessment of an individual who has reported occupational stress
  • Development of a proactive Policy and Procedure that is enabling, effective and integrated with your HR protocols
  • Training to staff in Occupational Stress Awareness, and to Managers in Occupational Stress Assessment and Managers. See our training pages for further information.

We can also meet all your occupational health needs via the Appointed Safety Advisor Service.

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