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Policy Writing

What is a Safety Policy and Why do you need one?

Your Health and Safety Policy should tell all your staff and other stakeholders:

  • What your commitments and objectives are for Health and Safety Management,
  • Who is responsible within your organisation for managing or implementing specific functions to meet these objectives, and
  • How you intend to do this in practice, i.e. your procedures.

Under s.2 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 any employer who has five or more employees must produce a written safety policy. The policy must be signed by the senior executive and dated. As it is intended as a living document, it must be reviewed on a regular basis, and revised to account for any changes in the law or in working procedures.

Even where a policy statement in not required by law, smaller organisations are increasingly being required by clients or prospective clients to produce a statement of intent for health and safety, as evidence that they understand their responsibilities and obligations to run their practices safely.

How We Can Help You

The theory sounds quite straight-forward but developing a policy that is concise, practical and effective can become much more complex when balancing this with other  business priorities and processes.  So let us help you – we have over 25 years experience in writing policies and integrating these into your  key business functions, and we have covered just about every industry sector over the years.

We can  help you identify where you are with your existing policy (if you have one) and then provide some solutions to ensure it is understandable, practical and reflects how you do things and link safety management with your working processes.

Simply click here to talk to an advisor – we promise we wont blind you with science, and won’t sell you something you don’t need.

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We can undertake all work related to safety policies for your organisation via the Appointed Safety Advisor Service.

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