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Helping our clients in the Niche sector

Some of our clients do not fit directly into a specific industry sector and have quite specific and different health, safety and environmental management needs.  When they look for external support they need to know the specialists they work with understand this and can provide alternative approaches.


Marine Aggregate Dredging

marine_aggregatesThe work undertaken by clients in this sector includes both onshore and offshore activities. When out at sea dredging the team need to have the skills, confidence and knowledge to work with high risk equipment in a changeable environment, where access to emergency support is not immediately available. Working with this client to develop robust working procedures and train their staff to accredited standards has helped to reassure the team, their families and the company that the job is as safe as it can reasonably be.


 Artistic Retreat with Public Interface

lookout2This client wanted to ensure a good balance between ensuring the privacy and flexibility for artists to use the premises freely to express their artistic inclinations, without compromising their safety. An added twist was that the public, including inquisitive children, often visited too. By using a pragmatic approach to risk we were able to agree some simple solutions that enabled safe access and use to this amazing building without entailing significant cost or disruption to the business.


Kent Wildlife Trust

kent wildlife trustFollowing the purchase of a disused quarry the Trust requested a health and safety assessment, particularly relating to  Occupier Liability and safety of public and trespassers. Our guidance needed to balance risks associated with people gaining access into the quarry which contained deep water with the costs of making it secure and safe. It was also essential that any recommendations were sympathetic to the potential impact of the flora and fauna.

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