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      Environmental Management Services

      Our team of expert consultants have over 30 years of experience in environmental management.

      We will work with your company to identify your environmental challenges and objectives and develop a customised plan.

      What Is Environmental Management?

      Environmental management involves identifying, assessing, and managing the impact that an organisation has on the environment. This can include waste management, pollution control, and workplace environmental factors. At PHSC, we understand that environmental management can be technical and complex, which is why we help break it down into manageable steps and integrate it into your management system.

      The Benefits of Environmental Management

      The benefits of environmental management are easier to quantify than health and safety. By reducing waste and energy costs, your organisation can save money while also reducing its environmental impact. Implementing and maintaining an effective EMS can also help your organisation comply with environmental regulations and improve its reputation with customers and stakeholders.

      How We Can Help With Your EMS

      We understand the importance of integrating legal compliance requirements into your existing processes to streamline your environmental management with your wider business systems.

      We offer a range of environmental management services to assist you in meeting your present and future needs. Our services include: 

      Environmental Management Training

      We also offer environmental management training courses to ensure that your staff have the necessary knowledge and skills to comply with environmental regulations and manage environmental risks effectively. Our training courses are tailored to your specific needs and can cover topics such as waste management, pollution control, and environmental management systems (EMS).

      Examples of Our Work

      Whether you require assistance with a specific environmental issue or ongoing support and advice, we can provide a package that suits your particular needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you manage your environmental risks and achieve your environmental objectives.

      At PHSC, we have worked with various organisations to address their environmental challenges. Some examples include:

      • Trichloroethylene monitoring to determine exposure levels against  HSE guidance (EH40) with guidance on controls to further reduce exposure
      • Cyanide assessment, analysis and monitoring for a submarine network organisation fitting cables under the sea.
      • Workplace air quality assessment in a number of large city offices to determine common problems such as air circulation levels, presence of VOCs, air refresh rates, and effectiveness of air conditioning systems.
      • Noise assessment in a large bus depot where vehicle movements were causing disturbance to local neighbours as well as emitting noise levels which were above statutory levels for workplace noise.
      • Development of an ISO 14001 management system up to accreditation in an engineering company who wanted their system to be integrated with their ISO 9001 management system.