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      Energy Sector Health & Safety Services

      Energy Sector Health and Safety

      Health, safety and environmental management within the energy sector have varied and diverse risks which constantly change as technology develops.

      With over 30 years of experience, we know how safety management has changed and can assist you in remaining up-to-date and compliant with sector-specific regulations. We provide a range of services in HSE Management in the Energy Sector which are tailored to your own specific business. This includes oil and gas safety, renewable energy, distribution networks or installation of systems.

      Health and Safety in the Petroleum Industry

      We provide services at production level as well as in the management and administration of the business. The international client in this image is in the petroleum industry as has some of its offices based in London and Scotland. Following the pandemic, we supported them in their return to work strategy by completing COVID-19 risk assessments. This helped them develop a strategy whereby their  staff felt safe and secure during the pandemic. Following the pandemic we supported them to return to the office safely and to develop a hybrid working pattern.

      petroleum industry workplace safety

      HSE Management in the Energy Sector

      We worked with a client who was moving from the R&D phase to production of green hydrogen. They have a fast growth strategy with many safety and other risk implications. With sites across Europe and the UK, we started with an initial detailed health & safety audit which was scored against compliance and risk. We paid much attention to staff engagement using 1-1 meetings, open door sessions, and surveys. Once the audit findings were presented to the board, we worked with our client to develop and integrate quality, safety and environmental management into the business development and production programme.

      We spent time in training the teams to work closer together, and to develop synergies that would enhance the growth strategy. This included complex tasks including HAZOP analysis using a multi-disciplinary approach, and developing safe working practices.  Whilst they were familiar with HAZOP they had never considered integrating a specialist HSE Management practitioner into their team.

      HSE Management in the energy sector

      Renewable Energy Health & Safety

      We can offer health and safety services for different types of renewable energy companies, including those providing windfarms, offshore wind and marine energy, solar energy, and more.

      Ainscough Industrial are supporting the renewable energy strategy with the installation and management of windfarms. They understand the necessity for strong safety management and have robust systems in place as well as a safety behaviour programme. We have been working with them to identify their health & safety culture, which has required the senior team to identify key behaviours that cause risk and what safe behaviours they want to improve.

      Our subsidiary, QCS International, has provided HSE Management services in the energy sector in Scotland and further afield for many years. An example is the support QCS has given to the clean energy division of Wood plc for over 10 years. Wood provide engineering, consultancy and project management services for renewable energy developments including wind, solar, hydro, biomass and wave. QCS supported Wood to achieve certification for their integrated management system for quality, environmental and health & safety management.

      QCS also helped to design and implement an ISO 17025 management system to support calibration of energy output of renewable equipment. Post certification, our consultants continued to deliver services such as audits, health and safety inspections and system development. PHSC continues to support sister-company QCS and to provide HSE Management support to this customer.

      wind farm safety construction
      windfarm safety

      Helping Clients to Manage Health & Safety In House

      Part of our commitment to clients is to help them develop HSE Management in the energy sector so they can be more self-sufficient. We can help your company to become more independent in terms of risk and safety management. We have previously developed an interview process to recruit an HSE Management specialist for our clients, enabling them to have their own specialist in-house. After recruitment, we can continue supporting your company at arms- length on any h&s needs.

      Connecting Smart Metres with Business Systems of Energy Suppliers

      Another successful tender application resulted in us supporting a client in this exciting and innovative energy sector. They needed support to develop their health and safety systems, as the business works with multiple energy providers who each work in their own way.

      The challenge is to integrate health and safety into the wider business practice, with buy-in from all parts of the business, to ensure consistency and quality of installations from all suppliers in a way that is safe for all.

      Our client’s vision is aligned with our own - to lead smarter and greener lives. We helped to develop their organisational structure for safety and environmental management and our consultant supported the client to develop a proactive culture of ownership. Our consultant worked with their teams to develop coherent and workable policies and systems, and helped their managers to implement safe working processes throughout the UK.

      HSE Management with smart meter technology

      Accident Management & Legal Defence

      One of our energy sector health and safety services is to advise the courts in criminal and civil litigation via our Expert Witnesses Services.

      An example was a worker who was injured during an emergency evacuation drill in an offshore wind turbine. We reviewed extensive documents to establish duty of care and the HSE Management processes. We then compared this with what happened on the day and how the procedure deviated. We understand the space restrictions that operatives have to work in whilst maintaining equipment in the nacelle. Safety procedures are very detailed, and need to consider the practicalities of space restriction. By investigating the accident in detail, PHSC identified what went wrong and why, and the simple changes in systems that should be made to prevent recurrence.