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      ISO 45001 - Occupational health and safety

      There were over 142 fatal accidents in the UK alone during 2020/21 and this was despite many organisations being in lockdown.  The emotional costs to those involved cannot be quantified. In addition there are the legal, financial and reputation costs to consider from your organisation suffering a serious incident or fatality.  Some workers’ lives are never the same again after an accident and the impact on others involved can be major. 

      Standards in other countries are varied and this is problematic for those organisations whose business spread to more than one country. Having a system accredited or aligned to this standard brings consistency in approach, regardless of  where your business is based. 


      Why not join us on our next Complimentary training session, where you will learn:

      What is ISO 45001 and how it fits with other management standards

      Key components of this management system and what they mean in practice

      Where and how to start developing your system

      Benefits of aligning your safety management system to the standard 

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        Now Available Remotely!

        Following the restrictions in group meetings, we have been delivering courses via Teams and Zoom, using a range of techniques to make them  practical and interactive. 

        What is ISO 45001 ?

        This is the first international standard produced for management of occupational safety and health 

        It was created by an international committee of specialists to address global variations in approach and health and safety culture and to standardise on safety management regardless of your location.

        Based on the Annex SL framework, it integrates seamlessly with other ISO management systems, including ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 27001:2015.

        This means that organisations can harmonise its different systems and develop an Integrated Management System. This can save you time, ensure you develop an holistic approach to business efficiency and reduce duplication. This is something that PHSC specialises in to help you save time, trouble and cost when developing your systems. 

        Need some help?

        You can simply call us using the number below or Email us here.  We also have a sister company (QCS International Ltd) who delivers UKAS accredited training from Foundation Level to Lead Auditor Level in ISO 45001 as well as a number of other management satandards.  Please click here for further information. or speak to one of our experts today by calling:

        01622 717700

        Health and Safety Consultants

        What is ISO 45001?

        PHSC is already working closely with businesses to provide support to organisations wishing to become ISO 45001 certified.

        Examples of services we offer include: 

        -   Initial Gap Analysis to determine your current status against requirements.

        -   Internal support to help you develop systems and processes to meet the standard

        -  Ongoing support to help you implement and monitor your systems (like and internal specialist advisor)

        -  Training (inhouse and public courses) which is bespoke and designed to help your teams understand and implement what they need. 

        Why your business requires ISO 45001

        With ISO 45001, the onus will no longer be on the Health and Safety Manager to ensure compliance. The standard requires much more buy-in of senior managers (top management).

        The standard requires greater employee contribution too. This ensures that no one person is overloaded with responsibility and everyone plays their part.

        Ownership of health and safety management in all parts of the business is a key part of developing an effective health and safety culture, and can springboard an organisation’s strategy to improve health and safety standards.

        ISO 45001 gives more focus on a risk-based approach to health and safety management. This helps business to prioritise more effectively, allocate resources where they are most needed and develop efficiencies in its routine and non-routine operations.

        Integration of the occupational health and safety management system (OH&S) into your wider business processes helps to reduce duplication of time, effort and cost.


        We are already offering training in the new standard in mainland England and via our sister company QCS International Ltd in Scotland.

        We have a range of courses, from Bite-Sized Sessions lasting 90 minutes, to 2 day internal auditor courses which will be IRCA accredited.

        This very much depends on your existing management systems, and the size and complexity of your organisation. A gap analysis to find out the scope of what will be needed is as little as £1,000 plus VAT

        Yes. Book onto our FREE 90 minute course on ISO 145001 today!