Occupational Health Services

What is Occupational Health?

Occupational health is a field of healthcare that focuses on promoting and maintaining the physical and mental wellbeing of people in the workplace. It involves identifying and managing potential health hazards and risks in the workplace, providing health screening and assessments, offering support and advice on health-related issues, and implementing measures to prevent illness or injury. 

Why You Need Occupational Health Services for Your Employees

Your employees are the backbone of your company, and it’s in everyone’s interest to maintain their good health.

At PHSC, we offer a range of occupational health services to help you reduce legal liabilities, identify health factors that could impact work and the working environment, and maintain the health and well-being of your people.

Health screening for new starters is an essential part of your risk management system. We can conduct screening to assess if the new starter is fit for the role, identify pre-existing health conditions or disabilities that could affect their ability to work safely and effectively, determine if any reasonable adjustments are needed to meet Equality legislation and establish a benchmark of health to compare against future occupational health checks.

Further to this, use of our existing questionnaires will help you frame your own assessment method to screen in a way that enables you to identify health factors that could be impacted by the work and environment without being intrusive. We then review this and give concise and practical feedback on whether any further checks or action is needed. Such an approach will give you peace of mind through our clear reporting signposting any further actions to consider.

Whilst there is no longer any legal requirement for employees who were classed as vulnerable to isolation, a number of employers are maintaining a precautionary approach with their colleagues who have reduced immune response. These health assessments help you to identify pragmatic ways to support these colleagues whilst maintaining the workload.

Our occupational health assessment for COVID-19 ensures that employees who have been self-isolating following symptoms, or who have tested positive and recovered, have no ongoing health vulnerabilities that could affect their work. We offer further information on our specialist page for COVID-19 Fit to Work, including a free health questionnaire download.

Although not mandatory, health screening can be offered as a staff benefit to identify and monitor if your existing health & safety procedures are working to protect the health and well-being of your people. Screening can also detect signs of illness and disease at an early stage, reducing extended sickness absence later on. Our ongoing health screening will help you to avoid the risk of legal liabilities and protect the health of your workers

If an employee’s absence record is poor or working conditions have potential to negatively impact their health, we offer advice and practical support in ongoing assessment, case management, and rehabilitation. Our services include:

  • Work health assessments
  • Remote case management
  • On-site case management
  • Long-term health limitation
  • Disability assessment
  • Rehabilitation programs enable the worker to return to meaningful and productive work.

Our Occupational Stress services help you develop a robust system for proactive assessment, management, and monitoring of stress in the workplace. We offer an initial corporate assessment, assessment of specific job roles or departments, assessment of an individual who has reported occupational stress, training to staff in Occupational Stress Awareness, and training to Managers in Occupational Stress Assessment. See our training pages for further information.

Want to learn more about our Occupational Health Services and how we can help you maintain the good health of your employees?

We can also meet all your occupational health needs via the Appointed Safety Advisor Service

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