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      Risk Assessment Service

      Risk assessments are a legal requirement. When this compliance activity is used effectively and integrated into your business  it becomes a cost effective tool that makes your processes and environment safer as well as more productive. This is where PHSC can help. We offer  Professional Help, at Sensible Cost. Whether your company is small or global, we know how risk assessments can fit seamlessly into your wider business practices.

      With over 30 years of experience providing risk assessment assistance in all sectors, we have a wealth of expertise to offer.

      We can help with updating yourr   Covid-19 Risk Strategy  as well as a range of specialist assessments (DSEAR, Work at Height, Occupational Stress, Violence and Aggression, Machine Safety to meet UKCA marking).  Call 01622 717700 for further details.


      What is Risk Assessment?

      A risk assessment is a method which is used to ascertain whether your procedures and systems for protecting your staff and others who are connected wtih your organisation are sufficient. It helps you identify if your existing health and safety arrangements are suitable or if you need to do more to protect your people, products and workplace. Note the holistic approach to the way we complete risk assessment. We don't only think of people safety - we integrate risk assessment with your wider business operations. It is a way to ensure you are compliant with minimum health and safety requirements. It also helps you be proactive with your health & safety management and compliance.

      Risk assessments require you to look at what could potentially go wrong. You can then look at your safety measures and decide if the measures you are taking are adequate to prevent injury or damage. It is an opportunity to consider if you could or should reasonably do anything more to make the task, process or area you are assessing safer. Whether you are assessing a task, a working area, or conducting a home worker risk assessment the principle is the same.


      Why are Risk Assessments Important?

      The purpose of a risk assessment is to enable you to consider work hazards / environment and what can go wrong. This can include injury to people, damage to property, or product damage.  PHSC helps you integrate these business disciplines to gain maximum return. A risk assessment helps to identify measures to prevent or reduce the impact of any issues identified.  Failing to complete a risk assessment leaves you open to criminal liability as they are a legal requirement for employers. However, when completed effectively they help you manage your operations more effectively, and safely.

      They also demonstrate to your team that you value their health, wellbeing, and safety . You are showing them that you are taking proactive measures to reduce injury. For those of you who want to improve your health and safety culture, risk assessment is a valuable tool. When you involve your teams in the assessment process you will achieve a better level of understanding. They will  buy-in to the safety measures and have ownership over how work is performed. 

      Knowing your own limitations is one of the most important factors to consider!

      If you are not sure you know enough about the dangers, then you should not attempt the risk assessment without consulting an expert.

      How can PHSC help?

      Carrying out risk assessments and explaining how to keep them updated

      Training your staff / teams in how to complete their own risk assessments

      Coaching and mentoring key individuals to develop their own risk assessment skills and strategy

      “PHSC’s support is a valuable asset to our company, they provide me with guidance and support whenever I need it”

      Jason Ormrod. Health and Safety Advisor, Irwell Valley Homes

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