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      Safety Management Systems

      Risk assessment training

      We are experts in quality, environmental, health, and safety management systems, offering streamlined and effective advice to enhance your business operations. Our team of IRCA-accredited auditors have extensive experience across various industry sectors. Whether you require support, assistance, internal auditing services, or training in ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management), ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management), or ISO 45001:2018 (Health and Safety Management), we can help.

      What is a health & safety management system?

      A safety management system (SMS) is a structured approach to effectively manage and improve safety performance within an organisation. It incorporates policies, procedures, and practices designed to identify, assess, and control workplace hazards and risks.

      Key components of a safety management system typically include hazard identification, risk assessment, incident reporting and investigation, employee training, emergency preparedness, and continuous improvement through regular monitoring and evaluation.

      Why is a safety management system important?

      By implementing a safety management system, businesses can proactively prevent accidents, injuries, and illnesses, while promoting a culture of safety and compliance. 

      A robust safety management system helps companies maintain a safe & healthy work environment for their employees, contractors, and internal/external stakeholders, while ensuring compliance with the required and recommended standards.

      We can support you in 4 ways:


      Our unique and simple ‘8 step plan’ will ensure that your system is implemented quickly and efficiently, taking into account any existing systems for an integrated approach.

      Gap Analysis

      If you are not sure where to start, or you have concerns about compliance in your organisation, we can provide a full system gap analysis that will tell you what is wrong and how to fix it.

      Corrective Action

      If you have a list of non-conformities from your last assessment, we can help you turn your system around. If you are not yet accredited, we can help you to achieve this in a quick and easy way.

      System Integration

      Managing several systems can be tough but we have over 25 years of experience in integrating several systems into one so that it becomes an effective and efficient way to manage your business.

      Develop, monitor or improve your safety management system

      Our consultants specialise in designing systems that are Practical, Helpful, Sensible and Concise. We can support you from developing the initial concept of your management system right through to achieving accreditation with external auditors. In doing so, we can help you to meet your in-house objectives or achieve accreditation to a recognised standard, such as:

      • BS8800
      • OHSAS 18001
      • ISO 9001
      • ISO 14001
      • ISO 45001

      We do not prepare complex and heavy manuals. Simple flow charts, visual aids, and check sheets are used to record and implement your management system. This way, they can be understood by all employees and easily put into practice.

      For organisations who also have quality management systems (QMS) such as ISO 9000, we can ensure that our design of your SMS will be integrated to avoid duplication and to ensure it is put into practice smoothly.

      Safety management system training

      We offer free bite-size training sessions on safety management systems from our head office in Aylesford, Kent. Please contact us for dates of our next courses, or view our list of public courses.

      An integrated approach to safety management

      Successful organisations are increasingly realising the benefits of an integrated approach to safety management, by linking them with their quality management and environmental management systems. There are many advantages to this as your one system will embrace all areas of your business, from strategy, finance, human resources, marketing, and product design through to manufacturing and operating systems, information management, and front-line staff. The difficulty though, is where to start? Our sister company QCS International Ltd is the perfect partner to help get you started, advise on what you need to do, and even do it for you by becoming your outsourced specialist.